Eclipse inverter installed at Moora Moora Smart Energy Lab

Peter Sykes, MIL-Solar Chief Engineer and Andrew Kingstone, Operations Manager recently visited the SolarQuip training centre in Healesville Victoria to install a new Eclipse solar inverter.  The inverter is connected to a 3kW solar array and will be used for solar installer training and long term reliability testing.  SolarQuip has an impressive collection of hardware from many different manufacturers including lithium batteries  and off-grid multi-mode inverters such as the Selectronic SP Pro.


Glen and Peter with the inverter installed in the SolarQuip training faucility

MIL-Systems is thrilled to be partnering with Glen Morris as this provides expert feedback on design and functionality of the Eclipse inverter from a respected renewable energy industry expert.  It will also allow a wide range of installers to view, test and configure the only Australian made solar inverter on the market, promoting locally designed and manufactured technology.

More about SolarQuip

SolarQuip was founded by Glen Morris in 2003 with the aim of providing high quality renewable energy solutions for maximum environmental benefit.

SolarQuip specialises in off grid solar PV installations carefully designed to provide clean energy through the winter months. Alongside solar PV installations, SolarQuip has installed wind turbines, steam generators and small scale micro hydro power plants.

SolarQuip principal, Glen Morris, has extensive experience in system design, install and maintenance of on and off-grid renewable energy systems (including solar, wind and micro-hydro).

Glen is a sought-after trainer and presenter in the solar PV field, both nationally and internationally. Glen has provided renewable energy training for many years and currently teaches at Swinburne TAFE, Melbourne.

Moora Moora community and SolarQuip traing center