Design, manufacture, service and through life support for the Australian Army battlefield communications system Parakeet power supply.

Consulting engineering for the power supply upgrade of the RAAF JORN over the horizon radar transmitter.

Design and manufacture of the intelligent battery analyser and charger for Army vehicle base repair facilities throughout Australia.

Telstra (Battery load testing and data logging)

Design and manufacture of the power supply and battery systems for the Army artillery fire control computer and the RAAF P3 Orion flight line Portable Maintenance Aid.

Design and manufacture of high security systems for the Commonwealth of Australia.

Design and manufacture of the power supply for Sentry Emergency Services Radio. Waterproof, ruggardised housing for off road and battlefield conditions. Shock and vibration resistant.

Design of power supplies with high reliability, wide input range, high isolation voltage for the electrical power distribution utilities including AusNet, Ergon, Energex, Essential Energy

Designed source replacement and ATE capability for radar power supplies used in the RAAF fleet of F111 fighter jets. Maintained and operated Through Life Support.

Communications & Power Industries Inc. -Canada. Custom designed and manufactured power supplies for commercial microwave satellite base stations. Extreme environmental and reliability requirements.

Service, repair and through life support of the power converters for the Army battlefield satellite terminal microwave high power amplifier and frequency converter.

Design and manufacture of the power converter for the Army Parakeet satellite terminal microwave power amplifier and the ultra low noise frequency converter.

Design, manufacture and through life support for the communications power supply for the RAAF mobile Tactical Air Defence Radar System (TADRS )

Rugged design for air transportability and ground mobility for deployment in remote locations.