Eclipse solar inverters are designed in Australia for the harsh and extreme Australian environment.

They were also specifically designed for Australian power network conditions with the development being supported by the Federal Government through an advanced manufacturing cooperative research program.






Reduce your power bill.

Eclipse Inverters have a sophisticated Maximum Power Point tracking function to maximise the power generated by your solar panels.

All Eclipse inverters also incorporate dual, independent MPP tracking functions to give you the flexibility in system layout to capture the maximum renewable energy possible from PV arrays with different sun orientations and shading profiles.



Additional Early On and Late Off features also mean that every last bit of solar energy is captured by the Eclipse.

Information at your finger tips

All Eclipse inverters are supplied as standard with WiFi communications capability.

When connected to your home or business network, all of the Eclipse solar energy generation and performance information can be displayed on a standard web browser.


The main status page is continuously updated with all current solar generation information as well as displaying an overall summary of the days operation. Other tabs provide easy access to historical data on daily, monthly and even yearly performance.

‘Personal bests’ of peak solar energy generation are also continuously updated for future benchmarking and the Eclipse even keeps an ongoing tally of how much you are helping to reduce global CO2 emissions.

All via your standard web browser on any network connected device.


Read more under Networking & Global Monitoring.


Download the brochure for more information on the eclipse range of solar inverters.