My Power

Studies show that when people are simply provided with the means to continuously monitor their power usage, they soon discover changes that can significantly reduce their power consumption and energy cost.

One survey of over two thousand households fitted with power monitors, showed introducing basic behaviour changes alone lead to reductions in energy usage and cost by up to 20%.


“If it’s not measured, it’s not managed”

The MyPower option available with Eclipse inverters enables just that. It provides users with a simple display of power and overall energy usage. More than that, MyPower adds the ability to manage and match power consuming loads to your solar generation profile for even greater savings

MyPower also continuously records and charts all of the daily and monthly power consumption information so users can analyse their energy usage habits over time. This information further assists users to make decisions about their management of energy costs.

Simple graphics enable the user to see how much solar power is being generated, and exported to the grid. Clearly, it makes sense to increase household power use when solar energy is being generated, thus reducing charges from the use of grid power.