Network Ready

All Eclipse Inverters are fitted with WiFi communications as a standard feature of the product.

Once connected to your home or business network, you can continuously monitor the live performance of your Solar power generation system as well as all consumption and energy usage information with the MyPower option.


The Eclipse Inverter also records all historic performance charts on a daily and monthly basis. This information can also be retrieved and displayed over the network at any time.

Data Logs

Detailed 5 minute interval data logs and daily and monthly summary logs can also be viewed and downloaded over the network for further analysis and comparison if required.

The log file formats can be opened in any common editing program or spreadsheet application such as Excel.

Complete access and control of your Eclipse Inverter is provided over your existing local area network.

Access via the Cloud

The Eclipse Inverter directly supports automatic uploading of information and data to the global cloud website

As well as providing for detailed monitoring of the performance of your own installation anytime and anywhere throughout the world, PVOutput also allows you to track and compare your system with other similar, or nearby sites.