New Technology Award Winners (2016 Winner – MIL-Systems)

New Technology Award Winners (2016 Winner – MIL-Systems)

Mil-Systems is a Victorian based company founded in 1987 with specialist capabilities in the design and manufacture of power conversion and energy storage systems. More than 70% of sales being product exported to International based customers. 

MIL-Systems’ engineers have unique expertise and developed intellectual property in the design of high frequency switch-mode power conversion for high reliability and high performance applications such as Army combat deployable communications through to satellite base station systems.

The Growth Sector Awards celebrate sectors with the potential for extraordinary economic growth – food and fibre processing, transport, defence and construction technology, new energy technology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals,  international education and professional services which further manufacturing.


Value of this Award

Industry recognition of outstanding companies operating in the high growth sectors.


Open to all companies including those which have previously been recognised by the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame program:

  • Food and Fibre Processing
  • International Education
  • Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals
  • New Energy Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Transport, Defence and Construction Technology Award.
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