Our People

Geoff Lowe – Managing Director

Company founder and champion of innovative engineering for MIL-Systems in power electronic products and systems.
Director of the Advanced Manufacturing CRC project leading to the development of the Eclipse Solar Inverter with reactive power control.
BEng(Elec Hon) MIEAust CPEng

Investment in human resources

Core to MIL-Systems culture has always been the continual investment in the training and development of it’s people and industry participants such as students and graduates.


MIL-Systems supports Undergraduate Cadet programs and IBL (Industry Based Learning) programs with a number of major Victorian Universities. This provides important on the job training and unique industry based learning opportunities for new students interested in pursing a career in the design and manufacturing of Power Electronic equipment and systems.


MIL-Systems continually invests in establishing and ongoing training of production staff with manufacturing programs such as High Reliability Soldering.


Principals at MIL-Systems also help support the profession through assisting with CPEng assessments for applicants seeking registration with Engineers Australia.