Team Australia


Following on from the request by The Hon Josh Fydenberg for Australians to support Australian businesses, MIL-Solar stepped in today to help a local business provide a safe environment for their staff and customers. With the COVID-19 outbreak triggering shortages in many areas of the economy including medical supplies, local business Yarraville Health Group was struggling to source a surface disinfectant to clean their equipment and shared office areas between patients.

MIL-Solar provided enough isopropyl alcohol for Yarraville Health Group to issue individual spray bottles to all their staff so they can clean and disinfect their workstations and also the wider office area, reducing the risk to staff and patients. MIL-Solar uses isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning agent when manufacturing electronics, this is the same active ingredient (60 – 80%) in most hand sanitiser gels and hospital grade disinfectant wipes.

Yarraville Health Group is a long time supporter of MIL-Solar with an Eclipse being installed at their practice in Febrary 2017, saving them money on their utility bills for the last 3 years.


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