MIL-Systems power products have been designed to meet the stringent and often very demanding requirements of our customers. Our power supplies are used in high reliability applications for the military, communications and high end security systems. Many of these applications demand testing and compliance to a raft of Military and International safety standards. The power supply products typically range in size from 10 W to over 5 kW and convert both AC to DC and DC to DC.


Usually the MIL-System power conversion products are supplied as complete modules for integration into systems manufactured by our major international customers and sold under their own leading brand names.



Features of our power supplies include:


  • High current outputs with very low noise suitable for high power radio and microwave transmitters.


  • Mains supply input management to maintain power quality and achieve maximum energy efficiency.


  • Battery charging and no-break switching between redundant input power sources with load sharing and switching.


  • Fully sealed enclosures for outdoor operation in extreme environmental conditions.


  • Full operation across wide temperature ranges.