MIL-Solar Eclipse inverters are designed in Australia, for Australian conditions. They are manufactured in Melbourne and fully supported by MIL-Solar. Our Engineers experienced in building high-reliability technology  developed the affordable Eclipse solar inverter range specifically for Australian power network conditions. As a family owned Australian business, MIL-Solar offers total local support for a more personal experience. Eclipse solar inverters come with a 5 year comprehensive and 5 year extended parts and labour warranty, a total of 10 years support for your peace of mind.

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The optional MyPower feature allows owners to monitor and manage their total power usage. No matter where you are, Eclipse Wifi connectivity allows you to monitor the system from your devices. The information provided by MyPower enables families to reduce their power bills, to know how much power their rooftop PV panels are generating, and how much power they are returning to the grid. Simply presented in real time and historically recorded, MyPower helps you make informed decisions on how to better manage your power usage and lower your energy costs.

The sophisticated design of the Eclipse solar inverter neatly blends with most Australian houses. The front-facing cooling fins substantially increase airflow allowing full power generation across an extended ambient temperature range. This innovative design also provides ease of cleaning of nesting insects and other environmental build-up that impacts performance.